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Paramount releases official Top Gun: Maverick trailer

Ready to feel the need for speed?

Initially teased at the San Diego Comic-Con over the summer, Paramount Pictures has released the official trailer of the sequel to the 1986 hit "Top Gun."

"Good morning aviators, this is your captain speaking. Today's exercise is dogfighting."

Tom Cruise's character, "Maverick," is back after more than 30 years. According to the movie's description, Maverick became a test pilot and did his best to dodge any advancement in rank that would ground him. He is ultimately pulled in to teach a group of new pilots, one of which is the son of his late friend "Goose."

Maverick will have to come to terms with the ghosts of his past while preparing a new generation for a mission "the likes of which no living pilot has ever seen."

"Top Gun: Maverick" will be in theaters on June 26, 2020.