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French fries with a side of crickets? That's what one Idaho restaurant is offering

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- OK, so we're not talking about the actual, full-bodied insect on your side of fries.

That being said ... Boise Fry Company, based in Idaho, said Tuesday that it's adding gourmet cricket-based seasonings to its salt lineup. The locally acclaimed restaurant says it's teaming up Orchestra Provisions, which makes the seasoning.

The seasoning roster (with a dash of crickets) includes four new flavors:

  1. Togarashi Salt
  2. Sichuan Pepper Salt
  3. Cajun Salt
  4. Za'atar Salt
“As soon as we made the connection with Orchestra Provisions at Boise Startup Week we knew this was something incredible and we had to jump on it," said Boise Fry CEO Brad Walker. "It aligns perfectly with our goal of seeking sustainable foods and practices at Boise Fry, plus it’s just (an) incredible concept. The aroma and flavor of these seasoning salts will blow away any preconceptions that you might have, we can’t wait for our customers to try them out."

If you're feeling adventurous, the new salts are available now at the restaurant's five locations in Idaho.