VIDEO: Moose caught in traffic in Aspen

A moose ran through the streets of Aspen, Colorado. Video Courtesy: Aspen Police | Pitkin County Sheriff's Office.

A moose merged with traffic in Aspen, a popular resort town in the mountains of Colorado.

And it's run through the city streets is caught on camera.

Two Pitkin County Sheriff's deputies drove by as the moose pranced down the street.

Aspen Police want to remind folks that moose are not friendly. Move away from them and give them room, especially if you have a dog.

"Be sure and give them lots of room if you see one, and if you happen to have your dog along, really make tracks away because the only thing that makes a moose grumpier than a tourist with a camera is a tourist, with a camera, with a dog," wrote the department on its Facebook page.