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Affidavit: Woman wearing FBI hat tells gas station clerks she's with the CIA

Lisa O'Donnell.PNG
Woman wearing FBI hat tells gas station clerks she's with the CIA // Lisa O'Donnell, photo provided by police

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. (WSBT) -- It's another one of those "you can't make these things up" stories.

Records indicate a woman wearing an FBI hat told clerks she was with the CIA while trying to access an Indiana gas station's security cameras.

According to the probable cause affidavit, South Bend officers were dispatched to the GoLo gas station at 421 North Olive on January 3 in reference to a woman -- identified as Lisa O'Donnell -- trying look at camera recordings. She showed ID but no badge, the report says.

When officers arrived, an employee pointed out O'Donnell driving away from the gas station in a white Dodge Charger with no plates. Officer Joseph Stitsworth activated his lights and pulled O'Donnell over.

She told police there had been passing of counterfeit money and she needed to obtain gas station video. She also said she'd been working in the area for months.

When asked who she worked for, the affidavit said O'Donnell responded "CIA" but was wearing a white hat that said "FBI."

O'Donnell stated police should run her ID, saying her license would reflect her credentials. Her license didn't, in fact, confirm her status as a CIA agent, officials said.

Stitsworth contacted another South Bend officer for reference, and he was told O'Donnell didn't work for the CIA or the FBI. He also said she had taken the Charger for a test drive from a dealership and never returned it. That Charger was reported stolen and then impounded.

O'Donnell was transported to the St. Joseph County Jail.