Missouri fraternity challenges Carrie Underwood over Preds series

sig pi vid.PNG
sig pi vid.PNG

The Sigma Pi Fraternity at the University of Missouri posted a video to challenge to country singer Carrie Underwood in relation to the Predators/Blues playoff series.

As if the Preds needed any extra motivation coming off their historic sweep of the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round of the playoffs, the fraternity is presenting Underwood with a charitable challenge.

If the Blues take the series, the fraternity asked Underwood to perform a concert in Columbia, Mo. Tim Schweiss, former first counselor for Sigma Pi's Missouri chapter, said the concert proceeds would go to the charity of their choice.

"We've talked about a few different charities," Schweiss said. "When I was a sophomore in college, one of my pledge brother passed away from a rare heart condition so we've been doing annual fundraisers for the Children's Heart Foundation. He was a huge hockey fan so we think it would be appropriate to donate some of the money to that."

Schweiss said if the Preds win, the fraternity will come to Nashville and offer 200 hours of community service to the charity of Underwood's choice.

"Columbia is obviously a big Blues, Blackawks town, and we noticed Carrie Underwood is a big Predators fan," Schweiss said. "Our chapter director came up with the idea to reach out to her and place the wager. We thought it was a really good idea so we followed through with it."

Underwood has yet to respond to the fraternity's challenge.

"We've heard from everyone but Carrie Underwood," Schweiss said. "Everybody's been super supportive and loves the idea. Even the Predators fans still like the idea of her coming [to Columbia] so I guess it's a win-win for everybody."

Sigma Pi member Andy Loseman said they're shocked at the response the video has gotten and are glad to see the message spreading so quickly.

Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, is a captain for the Preds. The Nashville Predators visit the St. Louis Blues at 7 p.m. CST tonight.