Preds give the perfect assist in Nashville couple's proposal

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Preds give the perfect assist in Nashville couple's proposal (FOX 17 News)

There are some moments that last a lifetime.

"I could watch it forever,” Morgan Landsberg said. She's replaying the video of Nashville Predators' Viktor Arvidsson approaching her with a diamond ring on a loop on her phone.

Lucky for her, the special moment is caught on camera. Not just hers, but her mother and the Nashville Predators recorded the once-in-a-lifetime moment too.

Now all over the world, hockey fans are sharing the videos of her engagement to fiancé Conor Payne.

"He worked so hard on it, and it was so special to me,” Landsberg said. "I’m so happy that other people got to share that experience with me."

Like any good game plan, it required strategy, timing and teamwork.

“A lot of nerves that's for sure,” Payne said, three days after the proposal.

The couple went to the Preds game against the Anaheim Ducks on Saturday. Landsberg had no idea her boyfriend had an ace hidden up his sleeve, or that her favorite player Viktor Arvidsson had a diamond ring hidden under his glove.

“All of a sudden I see [Arvidsson] walking towards me,” Landsberg said. “He pulls his hand out of his glove, and I didn't know what he was doing. I didn't know and everyone's like 'the ring!'"

It's exactly the ring she pointed out to Payne months ago, but all the planning in the world and a perfect pass from Arvidsson wouldn't matter unless he was brave enough to take his shot.

“I turned around to find out that Conor was on one knee,” Landsberg said.

“Luckily she said yes,” Payne said with a laugh.

Nearby fans cheered along with Arvidsson and teammate PK Subban.

“It’s incredible that this team did this for us,” Landsberg said.

Now the couple will spend the holidays planning a wedding, and as for PK and Arvidsson

“If you want to come to the wedding, you are invited whenever it may be,” Landsberg said.

The couple wants to thank everyone involved with the Preds organization as well as friends and family that helped organize this memory which they say could only have happened here in Smashville.