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Utah cop wrangles horse causing traffic problems to the beat of 'Old Town Road'

Brigham City Police Wrangles Horse.PNG
A Brigham City police officer wrangles a horse causing traffic problems. (Brigham City Police Dept./Facebook)

This police officer had to remove a traffic-causing horse from the old town road.

Brigham City Police Cpl. Reed Mackley responded to call of a traffic hazard along 1100 South, which turned out to be a runaway horse.

Mackley contacted the horse's owner as he wrangled the large animal but couldn't get a hold of them. So, he what he could to return the horse, though even that appeared to be no easy task, according to video the department shared.

With rapper Lil Nas X's superhit "Old Town Road" playing in the background, he appeared to have a little bit of trouble getting the stubborn horse to move at first.

According to Brigham City Police, Mackley was able to return the horse to its pasture before the owner was able to respond.

"Hey, an officer's gotta do, what an officer's gotta do," stated police.